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I am Alexander, I am an expert in Chinese marketing and a sinologist. Author of blog articles ChinaDigital, Reddit, Medium.
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    1. mdjasimrana 02 june 2024, 09:31 #
      Key opinion leaders (KOLs) are vital in marketing campaigns for their ability to leverage influence, credibility, and reach to promote products, shape brand perceptions, and drive consumer engagement. In China, KOLs are popular due to their effective use of social media and relatable content that resonates with a wide range of consumers. Unlike KOCs, who influence their immediate social circles, KOLs have a broader impact and are trusted trendsetters in their fields. more info best seo expert Rajshahi

      1. md Jasim rana 02 june 2024, 09:37 #
        I appreciate the in-depth analysis of the types of KOLs—from celebrities to micro-influencers—and the specific strategies for engaging with them. It's fascinating to see how KOLs in China are not just influencers but trusted experts who take their endorsements seriously, which significantly boosts their credibility and impact.
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