Official Account and Promotion on CTRIP | Register and Promote Your Travel Services in China

Official Account and Promotion on CTRIP

Registration and promotion services on Chinese travel platform CTRIP


  • For new businesses in China
  • For existing businesses in China

OTAs in China

Today, about 80% of bookings in China are made through OTAs (online travel agencies). This method is especially popular with young and affluent audiences who are active users of mobile services. Today, advertising on OTAs is essential for companies interested in effectively attracting Chinese tourists. One of the services you should consider is Ctrip.

OTAs in China

New Chinese tourism features and Ctrip

Traditionally, Chinese people travel abroad in groups, but with rising national income, more leisure travelers from China are interested in individual tourism. Besides, companies doing international business are using corporate travel management services for their employees. In addition, despite the popularity of Shanghai, Hong Kong and other major destinations, Chinese people are more frequently learning English and considering international tourism, and are willing to spend money in countries such as the UK, France and the US. Today, Ctrip can meet all these needs.

Ctrip: packaged tours and individual tourism

Ctrip is especially relevant to packaged tours, individual tourism and other trendy travel services, so the platform attracts the most paying audience in China.

Trip company (early Ctrip company), which owns and determines the development of Ctrip, was founded more than twenty years ago. Ctrip acquired shares in tourism businesses and used its own experience to make Ctrip be the most popular online travel agency in China and an ideal tool to promote any travel-related service.

Chinese tourists can use Ctrip to book hotels, plan flights, purchase tickets (air or rail) and other tourism services. In addition, Ctrip provides access to many details related to tourist attractions, discounts, available date and many other options.

All in all, Ctrip helps Chinese travelers get a wide range of tourism opportunities that your business can promote on the platform.

How to promote business on Ctrip?

The platform identifies the tourist's base point where he or she has booked a hotel and then displays the content related to that location. You can register and post information about your services, the cost is determined individually, and commissions are from 5%. For example, hotel booking commission is 15%.

It is possible to place banner ads, ads in Moments. By running targeted ads, businesses can place ads on various social networks such as WeChat, Douyin, etc. In addition, Ctrip can send push and SMS messages to users.

Ads in Moments on various social networks such as WeChat, Douyin, etc.Ads in Moments


  • China Digital Marketing Agency is always working on the best solutions to be on top of marketing in China
  • We take care of the cost of getting on the platform and help with the paperwor
  • Registering an official Crip account is difficult, but it's not a problem for us
  • Then we take care of creating the account, publishing the content and running ads

The platform has a rich advertising system (banners, posts). KOLs will also help to increase the ranking of your business. At Ctrip, it is possible to show posts in the TOP and most visible parts of the page and search, and also offers other priorities. The main point is the planned advertising budget.


Why should I register my business on Ctrip?

Similar platforms like Tripadvisor are popular in China, and Ctrip today is a must-have tool for Chinese travelers. Registering will give you an edge over your competitors.

All travel service providers and transportation companies are recommended to be on the platform! It is relevant and effective.

What are the features and solutions of the platform?

Ctrip has features for both PC and mobile devices. And 60-70% of bookings are made on mobile devices.

What is the scale of the project?

The scale is huge. The website is available in thirteen languages and connects more than five thousand cities. Ctrip owns a transportation company and organizes transfers in nearly 400 cities worldwide.

How to get here?

Getting here is difficult, but you can do it with the help of Digital Marketing Agency. Contact us and we will tell you what to do next.


China Digital Marketing Agency helps companies promote their products and services in the Chinese market. We provide comprehensive internet marketing services that include analytics and promotion channel building. We offer a full range of services at the most competitive prices!



From 400 $ / 30 days

  • Adjustment of targeting parameters at СРМ=10 RMB
  • 100,000 ad impressions of your publications per month
  • Advertising budget
  • Progress report

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Dedicated Chinese-speaking project manager


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