What is HoReCa?

The term HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe) refers to the hotel and restaurant business and is one of the most common segments of business with the Chinese.

We are used to seeing Chinese tourists in large groups headed by a tour leader with a red flag. Such tourists are not independent and always depend on the group. These travelers do not have the highest paying capacity as the state gives money for them. But the situation began to change With the recent growth of economic development the Chinese have begun to travel more independently. They choose where to go, book tickets and plan routes, as well as look at places and restaurants they want to visit.

Chinese travelers have become the main engine of the global tourism industry – they are ready to spend money. But they also have their own preferences. Therefore, if you want to attract Chinese tourists to your restaurant, hotel or cafe, you need to clearly build a marketing strategy and set up infrastructure so that a potential client could plan a visit to you in advance while staying in China.

HoReCa brand promotion opportunities in the Chinese market

You need a multi-channel marketing strategy to successfully promote your hotel, restaurant or cafe. It is worth starting with the maximum presence in the Chinese Internet space. In order for Chinese tourists to learn about you, they should be able to find you. As there is no access to Western Internet sources, you will need to use local tools.

How can hotels, inns, restaurants and cafes attract Chinese tourists?


1. Social networks

Social networks are a mandatory part of marketing not only in China, but also around the world. In China, social networks are especially important, as some of them, for example, WeChat, often replace the need for a website.

2. Forums and search and information services

Before going on a trip, the Chinese study information on the Internet. The most common way is to search through Chinese forums similar to the Western Tripadvisor.

Travel forums:

Forums on various topics:

Search and retrieval services:

3. Website

The website of your restaurant, cafe or hotel also needs to be localized and adapted to Chinese users. And for your site to perform well in China, it needs to be linked to a Chinese hosting provider. If you don't have an ICP license, we recommend using Hong Kong or Singapore hosting.


1. Enabling acquiring of WeChat Pay and Alipay

A mandatory step in adapting your business to the Horek segment is the connection of acquiring. Western payment systems Visa and Mastercard do not work in China, which may cause difficulties with payment. You need to connect WeChat Pay or Alipay.

2. Localization of business for a Chinese tourist

Your offline point should become China friendly. Do not forget to use QR codes with a link to your WeChat account and for payments. The menu must be translated into Chinese and duplicated into your WeChat account.

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