Asia Pacific team provides full Internet marketing services in China. We generate ideas and offer comprehensive solutions, adapt and promote your brand in China.

Advertising Campaigns From Scratch

Involvement in the product and complete immersion in the task are the basic principles to achieve the desired result. We enhance media performance through segmented communication channels. What does it mean? We use promotion tools relevant to your business area in order to reach the maximum target audience and make the campaign more efficient.













Entering such an exotic market as China means a large amount of preparation work, including studies, product analytics, setting up offline infrastructure consisting of a legal entity and a current account in a Chinese bank. As our practical experience has shown, if you have a product or service that you want to sell "online" in the Chinese Internet space, then you do not need a physical presence, and registration and verification in Chinese social networks and ad offices can be made with a status of a foreign legal entity.

Almost every major advertising network in China, such as Tencent Ads, Baidu Ads, Ocean Engine (ByteDance), Weibo Ads, has divisions responsible for interacting with international clients through accredited agencies, for example, Asia Pacific Agency. We cooperate with the major advertising networks in China and help foreign businesses to enter the Chinese market remotely, with low financial costs and in a short time (3-4 months) to test hypotheses.

Let's say you have a real estate agency (or another product or service that does not require your physical presence in China) and you want to find a buyer in China, while you have a foreign company in Europe or Australia. After the team brief, we will offer you the most relevant channels for traffic attraction, where we will open official accounts verified for your foreign legal entity and advertising cabinets, prepare creative concepts and set up an effective advertising campaign to attract the first target client.

The advertising campaign consists of:

a) infrastructure preparation (2-4 weeks)

registration and verification in social networks

connection of a hosting provider (for opening a website in China)

opening of ad offices

connection of a payment system (for accepting payments from Chinese clients)

localization and adaptation into Chinese

b) promotion (2 months)

content management in social networks

community management

setting targeting parameters

preparation of creatives

purchase of advertising traffic

interaction with media, mass media and opinion leaders

As part of b) promotion in the 1st month, we segment your target audience and attract Chinese traffic using different creatives and different advertising channels. On the 2nd month of promotion, we already have the first targeted requests and customers.

Thus, within 3 calendar months we will test hypotheses and set up a profitable advertising campaign which will attract the first client for you.

We Do Not Sell One-Size-Fits-All Solutions. We offer an individual approach to each client. We conduct briefings, research the particular industry market and provide general analytics. Therefore, already at the application stage you get an unbiased assessment of how scalable your business is to make the right decision.

Both we and you are equally focusing on the result, so we arrange the working process in such a way that to make it as transparent and understandable as possible for you.

How Do We Work. Procedure

An advertising campaign includes three stages:

STAGE 1. Media Plan Preparation

Identifying your ideal Chinese customer

Conducting a team brief and identifying options to launch

Drafting a Media Plan with itemized prices on each option presented Identifying performance indicators: media coverage and engagement forecast in terms of CPM (individually for each ad network), average CTR based on the keyword query frequencies, competitive environment, your average bill, past history

Approving the Media Plan, signing the contract and launching the campaign

STAGE 2. Infrastructure Preparation

We prepare the necessary documents, translate them into Chinese, and submit them to obtain accreditation in Chinese advertising networks and the Tencent, Sina Weibo, Bytedance, and Baidu platforms.

We participate in all the stages of obtaining approvals and registration of accounts and advertising accounts, so we are always in touch with the Chinese side.

After the registration is completed, our team makes the corporate design of the accounts in line with your brand style and customizes targeting settings in advertising accounts, coordinating each stage with you.

All the account access details, like logins, passwords and other associated data, are handed over to the Client after all the registration actions are completed.

STAGE 3. Advertising Campaign

We conduct a team brief following the Media Plan (prepared and approved at the first stage).

We prepare a Content Plan and translate it into Chinese (any translations are made by our China-based partner companies with full semantic equivalence). The Content Plan shall always be approved by you before publications.

We post the content, customize targeting settings and promote publications to cover an audience relevant to your service or product.

We provide online reporting where you can at any moment track the publication date, follow the link, know the engagement, and ask your questions to our project manager.

At the end of each month of the advertising campaign, we prepare a presentation-like report describing each option involved, the scope of work performed under the Media Plan, performance indicators, recommendations, and next month forecasts.

Our Team

Andrej Mozhaev


BA at MSU, School of World Politics. Exchange program at Beijing Language and Culture University, 北京语言大学.

Anastasiya Nasedkina

Project Manager

BA at MSU, Institute of Asian and African Studies. Exchange program at National Cheng Kung University, 国立成功大学 (Taiwan). Baidu Ads, WeChat and Weibo targeted ads specialist.

Arina Nesvit

Project Manager

BA and MA at MSU, Faculty of Global Studies. Exchange program at Beijing Language and Culture University, 北京语言大学 (Beijing), Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, 西南财经大学 (Chengdu). Douyin, Weibo and Wechat marketing specialist.

Anastasiya Mihajlova

SMM manager

BA at MGIMO-University, MA at Tsinghua University (Beijing, China). Exchange programs at Fudan University 复旦大学 (Shanghai), Beijing Language and Culture University, 北京语言大学 (Beijing), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 上海财经大学 (Shanghai). Wechat marketing specialist.

Gan Syaogan

Content manager

RUDN University, Faculty of Journalism.

Sergej Bysko

Product Manager

BA at HSE, School of Asian Studies. Online education platform development specialist.

Anna Grishacheva

Product Manager

BA and MA at RSUH, Faculty of History, Political Science and Law, China Studies. Exchange program at Xiamen University, 厦门大学 (Xiamen). Specialist in mobile app distribution in China.

Albert Kanukov

Sales Manager

BA at MSU, School of World Politics. Exchange program at Fudan University, 复旦大学 (Shanghai).

CHen Imin

SMM manager

BA at HSE in Saint-Petersburg, School of International Business and Management.


I thank the Asia Pacific guys for the invaluable work they have done.

Thanks to the professional approach, our restaurant has been successfully registered on such platforms as Weibo, WeChat and Dianping. They handled the content on a daily basis and regularly conducted targeting of the target audience and other advertising activities.

I can definitely recommend Asia Pacific as a reliable and trusted partner for dealing with the Chinese audience in Russia.

konstantin murchikov.
Konstantin Murchikov

Project Marketing Director
Restaurants Hiters, Hite, Korean Fried Chicken
HotPot火锅, Men Kuksu

Many thanks to the Asia Pacific team. They have accelerated our integration into the Chinese market many times over. They helped in almost all matters related to the opening of the store and its promotion. They also took an active part in training our employees about the specifics of working in China.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to enter the Asian markets, then I have no better candidate for you. The company provides a full range of services that you need to work in China.

Денис Глухов
Denis Glukhov

Product manager (Gama-Gama China)

This is a super-team! Nice and responsive people, always ready to help on any issues, even when this is beyond their direct responsibilities.

They explain every detail and nuance in a simple and clear manner and are 24/7 in touch.

Also, they advised other contractors for other work. Again, they were absolutely nice to work with! All reports were transparent and all agreements were fulfilled promptly and properly!

review renata yunusova.
Renata Yunusova

Marketing Manager
Vozdushny Express Hotel
Sheremetyevo Airport

I would like to express my gratitude to AS-PACIFIC for fruitful cooperation. It's especially worth to note the following advantages of dealing with the company:
1. Focus on the overall result.
2. Readiness to develop tailored solutions.
3. Almost 24/7 online support.
4. Excellent system of reporting provided in a clear automatic manner.
5. Readiness to meet halfway in any matters.

flovera logo.
Irina Shuraeva

Head of Marketing Department
FLOVERA Cosmetics

We thank Asia Pacific Digital Marketing agency for the prolific collaboration. We received the Bank's WeChat account with regularly updated content and colorful visuals that fully satisfy the needs of the Bank and customers.

As a Sinologist, I would also like to note the deep and highly professional work on content localization. I definitely recommend the Asia-Pacific Agency for working with chinese audience in Russia and China.

Bank Solidarnost
Daria Borisova

Head of the International Department

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