How to Unlock WeChat Account?

It often happens: you register your WeChat account and start using it actively, and the next day your account is suspended for an unclear reason like “excessive activity”, “violation of the rules”, and so on. This is quite common and often directly caused by Chinese censorship and not by any real violations of social media rules.

Instructions to unlock

Step 1. Seeking a friend with registered WeChat account

First of all, you will need a friend who has a valid WeChat account for more than six months. Make sure that your friend did not help anyone to unlock or unfreeze their accounts within the last 30 days. WeChat has a limit on the number of verified friends: one can help in verification to one friend once a month, two friends twice a year, and three friends three times a year. This is the official limitation imposed by Tencent (a holding company that owns the WeChat ecosystem).

Step 2. Application to the friend to verify the account

After you find a friend, you proceed to the next step – sending an application to the friend. First, receive SMS message with a code. Enter your phone number, go through the captcha, enter the code from the received SMS message (please be patient as SMS message with the code may not come to a foreign phone number soon or may not come at all).

Then, the system prompts you to enter your phone number again and get a new code. So, we do the same thing again.

Next, enter your friend’s phone number but omit the country code. Select the region at the top. Send the verification application to the friend.

Once you have sent the application, you will see a notification like this:

Step 3. Verification by the friend

After you send the application to the friend, he/she needs to verify your registration or unlock your account (depending on the error WeChat shows you).

What should your friend do:

1. Go to WeChat and type “WeChat Team” in the search box.

2. Then, go the WeChat official account and select between two options:

  • Unfreeze an account

  • Help a fiend to log in or register

Depending on the option chosen, the friend will confirm the unfreezing of your account or help with registration, after which your account will be active again.


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