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How to verify and unblock a WeChat account in 2022? [Working Methods from ChinaDigital]

WeChat is the main Chinese messenger and social network useful both for communication and business development. Nowadays WeChat is expanding its services and becoming more and more popular abroad. However, many users often encounter frustrating issues trying to sign up for WeChat or unlock their WeChat accounts.

First of all, you need to know that it is difficult to register a WeChat account without users who have already signed up. Sometimes if a user is going to sign up for a WeChat account, enter a phone number and ask friends to scan a QR code, it is possible that WeChat just will not give the user access to finishing verification after that. Another situation is related to users who have WeChat accounts: one day your WeChat account can be surprisingly considered as suspended for an unclear reason like “excessive activity”, “violation of the rules”, and so on, as a result, it gets blocked.

In reality, these obstacles like a banned WeChat account are quite common and often directly caused by Tencent (a holding company that owns the WeChat ecosystem) security verification process and Chinese censorship, and are rarely caused by any real violations of social media rules etc. In this ultimate guide we would like to explain how you can verify your WeChat account, we describe how it is possible to deal with some popular issues related to account registration, logging in and blocked account in WeChat.


How to sign up for WeChat and verify a WeChat account

1. Ask a WeChat user to help you

Verification with the help of other users who have WeChat accounts is the best way to register WeChat account and verify it. If you have a Chinese friend or any other friend who lives in Mainland China or abroad and has a verified account, then you should connect with him or she and ask for help. Before you start registration, please download WeChat, for example, from Google Play, and install it on your device. After installing WeChat you should open the app and go through the following steps:

Step 1. Open the WeChat app and enter your personal data

To start with, enter your name, choose your country and corresponding region code, enter your mobile number, and create a password for your WeChat app account. After accepting ”Terms of Service“ you can go to the next stage.

Step 2. Accepting the terms of WeChat privacy policy and starting verification

After you find a friend, you proceed to the next step – sending an application to the friend. First, receive SMS message with a code. Enter your phone number, go through the captcha, enter the code from the received SMS message (please be patient as SMS message with the code may not come to a foreign phone number soon or may not come at all).

Then, you need to read the above terms related to privacy policy and accept the corresponding conditions. After that you need to press “Start” on the next screen to start the process of your WeChat account verification.

Step 3. First part of verification: going through the captcha

At this stage of WeChat verification you need to confirm that you are not a bot and a real user, therefore you need to go through the captcha. In this case you do not need to enter captcha characters: the test is rather easy, it is just necessary to drag a puzzle piece on the right side of the presented picture.

Step 4. Second part of verification: your friend scan a QR code

This stage is the most tricky, because you need to ask someone from other WeChat users or any other user having a WeChat account to help you to scan the QR code that will be presented on the screen. To do this a WeChat user needs to open the WeChat app and just scan your QR code via corresponding WeChat option. If everything done was right, then you can see the next page and the notice “Verification successful”.

Step 5. Third part of verification: receiving and entering a verification code

If you successfully passed the previous step, now you need to receive a special code via SMS on your mobile phone. The app will send verification code, you enter this code and finish verification of your WeChat account.

Step 6. Finish - start to use your verified WeChat account

Now you can use your WeChat account. After verification the app can make some suggestions, for example, ask you to read and accept some additional rules and check your address book to find your friends in WeChat. Now you have a WeChat account ID and you can find and add friends, take part in WeChat groups, after you activated WeChat Pay it is possible to use the mobile payment app developed by Tencent for the app to develop e-commerce segment of its business.

2. Contact the WeChat support team

Despite all actions you did were correct it is possible to face some strange difficulties. For example, after your friend scanned a QR code, it could still be unable to get access for the next stage. It often relates to the status of the WeChat user you ask for help, he or she particularly must correspond some conditions: to be signed up over one month ago (an international user) or six months ago (a China Mainland user), not to have been blocked in the past month, etc. In this case you can ask another WeChat user to help you with verification. There could be a problem with the receiving SMS verification code for finishing registration of your WeChat account. Of course, you can try to use another phone number (remember that one phone number corresponds to one WeChat account) but this way may be rather uncomfortable, especially if you are going to use a mobile phone number of another user who has not already registered a WeChat account.

All difficulties that you can not deal with on your own may be overcome if you contact WeChat support. Visit WeChat Help Center’s official website, you can choose operation system of your device (IOS or Android), and find the problem you are interested in.

In this site you can find the most popular questions about working with WeChat and corresponding answers prepared by WeChat Help Center representatives. If no approach can help you, then it is possible to connect technical support. You need to open a special Feedback form where you can describe your issue and leave all the details necessary to help you. Then you should wait for technical support specialists to help you to handle your problem.

3. Is it possible to sign up and verify a WeChat account without a phone number via Facebook or your PC?

Strict account security rules and preventing spam activity make any user obtain a phone number to register and verify a WeChat account, therefore it is impossible to work with WeChat without your phone number. If you want to choose the option to sign up via Facebook, then you should put emphasis on the fact you still need to use the phone number during the verification process. It is necessary to note that you can use WeChat not only on your mobile device, but also on your PC, if you consider this as more comfortable. However, you can not sign up for WeChat via PC, and it can be used only after you successfully verified your account in WeChat.

How to verify your account if you are registered in WeChat

If you have already signed up for WeChat, then you also can face the necessity to verify your account again, for example, you lost your mobile phone and you need to enter WeChat again. In this case there are some main approaches which we are going to tell you about below.

1. Verification via Help Friend Log in

Help Friend Log in is an easy way to verify your account in WeChat via your WeChat friend. If you have WeChat friends, use friend verification: open WeChat, tap the corresponding option in WeChat, your friend will receive a temporary verification code, he or she only needs to send you this code in WeChat. As a result, your verification will be successful. However, if you have a WeChat account, but do not have a WeChat friend, this approach is irrelevant and you need to use other methods.

2. Verification via SMS Code

If you have a WeChat ID, you can also try to verify your account in WeChat via SMS verification. You need to choose the corresponding option and receive this code that will be sent to your phone. While the verification code is valid, you need to enter it and after that you can log in to WeChat and get access to your account.

3. Verification via QR Code

Another way is using QR code, it is relevant when you change your mobile phone, but still have access to the old device. In order to do this you need to choose the option “Verify via QR code”, scan a code via your original device. Sometimes your QR code can expire before you start to scan it, therefore you need to refresh the QR code and try again while the account is not successfully verified.

How to unlock a WeChat account?

1. Asking your friend for help with verification

Step 1. Seeking a friend with registered WeChat account

First of all, trying to recover your WeChat account locked you will need a friend who has a valid WeChat account for more than six months. Make sure that your friend did not help anyone to unblock WeChat or unfreeze their accounts within the last 30 days. WeChat has a limit on the number of verified friends: one can help in verification to one friend once a month, two friends twice a year, and three friends three times a year. This is the official limitation imposed by Tencent.

Step 2. Application to the friend to verify the account

After you find a friend, you proceed to the next step – sending an application to the friend. First, receive an SMS message with a code. Enter your phone number, go through the captcha, enter the code from the received SMS message. Remember that you need to be patient because a SMS message with the code may not come to a foreign phone number soon or may not come at all. Then, the system prompts you to enter your phone number again and get a new code. So, we do the same thing again (if you have troubles at any stage, you can visit a WeChat Help Center site and leave your data and problem description)

Next, enter your friend's mobile number but omit the country code. Select the region at the top. Send the verification application to the friend.

Once you have sent the application, you will see a notification like this:

Step 3. Verification by the friend

After you send the application to the friend, he/she needs to verify your registration or unlock your account (depending on the error in the WeChat app).

What should your friend do:

1. Go to the WeChat app and type “WeChat Team” in the search box.

2. Then, go the WeChat official account and select between two options:

  • Unfreeze an account

  • Help a friend to log in or register

Depending on the option chosen, the friend will confirm the unfreezing of your account or help with registration, after which your account will be active again.

3. Contacting the WeChat support team

As we have already noted, if you have any problems related to unblocking your WeChat account, you can go to WeChat Help Center and ask the support team for help. However, you should remember this process needs time and it is necessary to be patient to overcome your WeChat account problems.

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