Tmall is an online trading platform from Alibaba Group. The monthly traffic of the platform is 512 million users. Both Chinese and foreign companies registered in China can sell here.

Although Tmall and Taobao are products of the same company and at first glance similar, there are a number of fundamental differences. Firstly, Tmall uses the B2C model, not C2C, like Taobao. Secondly, Tmall is more focused on the premium segment. Whereas Taobao is for products of a lower price category. Therefore, when it comes to branded or luxury items, Chinese consumers are more likely to make purchases on Tmall, since there is less chance of buying fake goods here. For the same reason, the store registration process will take longer than on Taobao, since Tmall needs to make sure that your brand is suitable for placement on the site.


In order to open an online store on the Tmall platform, your business must be officially registered in mainland China. The products must also be available in the People's Republic of China – this is necessary for fast delivery. According to the rules of the platform, the order must be shipped within 72 hours after placement of the order on the website.

Requirements for opening a flagship store or a regular store:

  • certificate of company registration in China;

  • passport of the PRC;

  • bank of China account;

  • the authorized capital is not less than 1 million yuan;

  • documents confirming the status of a tax resident;

  • trademark registration certificate;

  • a copy of the product license;

Product Requirements:

  • the product has been produced for more than a year and does not violate the law of the People's Republic of China;

  • trademark registration certificate;

  • documents confirming the status of a taxpayer;

Keep in mind that all documents must be certified with the official seal of the company.


In order for your store to operate successfully, you need to pay a guarantee deposit and an annual fee.

The guarantee deposit ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 yuan, depending on the type of goods. You will be able to return this money only if you decide to completely close the store on Tmall.

The annual fee is 30,000 yuan for electronics and 60,000 for clothing and food. A 50% discount of the annual fee is granted if your sales per year amount to more than 180,000 yuan, and 100% if sales per year amount to 600,000 yuan.


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  • to register and set up a store;

  • to arrange delivery of goods to a warehouse in China;

  • to organize a support service in Chinese;

  • to launch ads on the platform.

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