To date, it is difficult to find any sale channels enabling interaction with a Chinese buyer in the direct manner, without any China-based infrastructure such as a legal entity, a market place or distribution through a Chinese or, even worse, foreign dealer.

Nowadays wide access to WeChat Pay made it possible for offline and online retail players to have their goods and services paid via WeChat – an option widely used by Chinese tourists and expats. This means that now your Chinese customers can purchase a product or service remotely from mainland China.


You have an online store that offers dozens or hundreds of items or services that may be potentially interesting to the Chinese audience.

We register your company’s WeChat business account

We design an online store and integrate it in your WeChat business account

  • The WeChat store will offer all the items presented in your online store or just some of them as you choose

We enable WeChat Pay at your WeChat store

  • API integration with your online store

  • Unique QR codes for each item to enable payments by Chinese users


  • Your company’s WeChat account available for users from China

  • Customer support service to process incoming requests

  • Publishing news (special offers, discounts or any newsworthy things)

  • Advertising promotion targeted to your target audience

  • Own base of loyal customers in China

  • Chinese Internet marketing tools to attract customers from China

  • Direct payments from Chinese buyers

  • Crediting your bank account in the currency you want

  • Chinese Internet marketing tools to attract customers from China

  • Promotion in Chinese social networks (WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, etc.)

  • Contextual advertising in Baidu, the dominant search engine of China

  • Ad placement and promotion in the largest Chinese metasearch engines

  • Opinion leaders and topical bloggers

  • Mass media

Example of WeChat business account
wechat account tsum. Home page
wechat account tsum. News section
wechat account tsum. Menu section
Example of a store in WeChat business account
wechat shop. Home page
wechat shop. Categories and items
wechat shop. Cart

What You Do Not Need

Legal entity in China
Account in a Chinese bank
Physical presence in China
Working with China Digital Marketing Agency team, you get:

Internet marketing experts in China


Dedicated Chinese-speaking project manager


Reliable and clear online reporting

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