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Why China?

With a population of 1.4 billion people, of whom about 800 million are active Internet users, China is now the largest market for the music industry with an annual 10-percent growth rate and market cap of 370 billion yuan (approximately $50 billion) a year. Streaming services and music platforms provide hundreds of millions of Chinese people daily with music content, where instead of the usual Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play we have dozens of local streaming services that you have never heard of. The music market is divided between the media giants Tencent (QQ Music/KUWO/ KUGOU) and Netease Cloud Music with an audience of 700 million and 400 million people respectively.

The beginning of the 21st century was marked by rapid economic growth in China, which became the starting point for all C-pop culture that had been hidden behind the screen of Chinese censorship and made inaccessible to western listeners for a long time. Active investments in local show business, as well as partnerships with major foreign labels and the development of the Internet (including the first music services), allowed China to adopt Western music trends and develop C-pop sounds in new and exciting ways.

However, Chinese pop culture is very difficult to identify as breakthrough, especially against the backdrop of popular music performers from the United States, where the musical subculture reaches into the mass population and sets new trends. On the contrary, the Chinese show business is fairly conservative, the once trendy style of 2000s continues to top the Chinese hit charts, and today's most popular pop stars are reminiscent of the Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears at the very peak of their careers. The hip hop genre, which has recently been dominating the music industry on the world stage, was considered an underground genre in China for a long time and became widely popular only in the last decade.

Of course, in China there are a lot of very talented musical performers on the local scale, but the language barrier does not allow them to project their artistry beyond China. Songs targeted at an English-speaking audience do not “take-off” because they tend to repeat what we have already heard from Western artists. In addition, mechanisms for popularization of Chinese music performers' creativity are also exclusively local in nature. This also applies to promotion in social media and PR campaigns in general, which focus only on the target audience within China. Social network accounts attain millions of subscribers, and video clips and streaming provide tens of millions of views. Product placement media content, reposts and mentions on the official pages of stars generate enormous revenues from their Chinese advertisers.

Ratio of users of musical apps
china music apps users.

Market for musical applications in China for 2017

Monthly activity of TOP-4
monthly active users china music.

Average number of active users per month.
Q2, 2017

Total market capitalization
china music apps capitalization.

The total market capitalization of China's music industry, billions of RMB / CNY

Foreign celebrities in china

With the growth of globalization and the development of the Internet space, the musical horizons of the ordinary Chinese music listener began to expand. Foreign music performers started acquiring fans of their music in China, but due to the limited presence of the performers in a specific music market, all such fans can get are new releases of their idols on local music services. Due to the fact that the most popular communication channels in the world - for example, Instagram and Facebook - are blocked in China, most western artists have no chance to popularize themselves, and the most relevant Chinese resources for promoting celebrities - WeChat, WeiBo and Douban - remain popular only in their environment. China’s biggest music labels are limited to world-renowned stars who don’t need to promote themselves from scratch.

Participation in various talent shows that achieve high television ratings in China is the best way for future foreign artists to become popular in the market. Foreigners attract attention to themselves by singing songs in Chinese and playing musical instruments.

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Why do we write about this? Everything is very simple

We prepare comprehensive PR campaigns aimed at promoting foreign music artists and labels in China.

Today, in the era of digital tech, in order to become a celebrity, you can simply create an "online presence" on the most popular social platforms. High-quality interactive content adapted to the Chinese audience will help people learn about you and draw the attention of even more fans to you. We design unique and innovative solutions that allow you to monetize your creativity by attracting advertisers, sponsors and partners who want to learn more about you and invite you to China.


We deliver your releases - singles, EP and albums to the largest musical platforms

We load video content - your music videos, movies on the largest video hosting platforms

We update and consolidatecontent to adapt it to the Chinese audience

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We develop individual strategies and integrated PR campaigns aimed at promoting and strengthening your personal brand throughout the entire online space in China. We follow the trends and hype - we monitor social networks and media resources, monitor challenges and flashmobs and utilize them in our campaigns. Thus, we increase the media performance and recognition that helps you achieve your goals.

Press and Mass Media

We work with the biggest publishers in China. We create unique and interesting material, write stories and articles that will interest your audience

Content management

We broadcast content via the most popular communication channels, as well as improve it and adapt it to the Chinese audience. We create texts and interactive features

Community management

We create the hype in the community and interact with the audience - we process incoming requests and comments, attract new traffic and bring interest via live communication

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