Youku is one of the main video portals in mainland China. Along with other Chinese services, Tencent Video and iQIYI are among the TOP most popular video streaming platforms. The service started working in 2006 and at first was just an analogue of the blocked Youtube. However, in 2012, when Youku merged with another Chinese video streaming platform Tudou, the focus shifted from user-generated content to professional content. Now it is difficult to compare the Chinese platform with Youtube - it is more like a mixture of Netflix and Hulu.

In 2020, the Chinese video platform Youku had 413 million monthly active users, and the number of registered users of the video platform is 580 million people.


Chinese Internet users spend an average of four hours a week browsing and watching videos. It is not surprising that the competition for the attention of Chinese viewers is very high. And the Chinese themselves are very careful about choosing the information they consume.

Unlike Youtube where most videos are uploaded by users, the content in Youku is created by professionals. Youku has long replaced ordinary television for the Chinese. It is more likely to see an elderly woman watching TV series via phone than via TV in China. And since Youku is associated with high quality, brands capitalize on the use of this platform to promote their services. High-quality content equals a good reputation.


To register a personal account in Youku, you need to enter your phone number, pass a captcha and get a code. After that, you accept the user agreement and can link accounts in other social networks: WeChat, Weibo, QQ and even Taobao or Alipay.

You won't have to pay for using your account, but if you want to watch videos without ads, you should have a VIP account. Annual price will be around 200 CNY.


Youku's audience is huge, which makes this channel extremely attractive. But it won't be cheap. In addition, due to the lack of careful segmentation of users, this channel may not be suitable for those brands that are interested in a specific audience.

There are several ways to promote your brand in Youku:

  • Advertising before and after watching the video
    Pre-rolls, or ads before watching the main video, will cost more than post-rolls - ads at the end of the viewed video. Prices will depend on the duration of the promotional video and the region in which the video will be accessible. On average, the CRM price starts from 45 CNY for a 15-second video in Jiangsu province for example, and 140 CNY for the same video, but shown in Beijing or Shanghai.

  • Banner advertising
    You can also place ads in the form of banners. They can be shown large at the beginning, in the middle and at the bottom of the page. The price will also depend on the type of banner – static or moving, and its location. The average price is between 30,000 and 250,000 CNY.


  • Content preparation

  • localization into Chinese

  • adaptation of content to the platform format

  • Advertising in Youku

  • communication with the administration of the platform

  • assistance in the development of ads for Youku

  • registration of necessary documents

  • analytics and data collection

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