In 2016 the number of mobile users in the world reached two billion people, a quarter of whom are Chinese. With a population of 1.4 billion people, China has approximately 750 million active Internet users who get online every day on their smartphones, which makes China the leader on the mobile Internet market. Social networks, blogs, video hosting and streaming services, online games, retail and the service sector are all openly available to the average Chinese Internet user. They therefore provide advertisers with a high-quality channel for attracting a target audience, and mobile app developers - with an opportunity to generate enormous traffic among Chinese users due to popularization of apps in their segment.

With the introduction of WeChat and AliPay payments systems, approximately 500 million Chinese people perform transactions via mobile devices. On average, one user of the WeChat messenger makes up to 55 payments every month, from paying for groceries and utilities to in-app purchases in games and other apps. China accounts for approximately a quarter of the mobile video game market, the revenue from which currently exceeds that from other kinds of mobile apps and occupies first place among purchases in the Chinese App Store.

Promotional procedure

The Chinese mobile app market is divided between the iOS and Android operating systems, although the share of the latter is over 70%. The departure of Google Play was accompanied by appearance of a new ecosystem with hundreds of aggregate stores and distributors of Android apps. Unlike the App Store, the promotional mechanisms of Android apps have undergone significant changes - in order to be added to the listings, it is necessary to adapt an app for each individual distributor, conduct a targeted marketing campaign on Chinese social media, and agree with stores in advance to make sure that your ads are posted and that you are added to the rankings. In addition to organic marketing, you will also need to utilize contextual advertising with tools from Tencent Social Ads and Baidu, and in order to do this, you will need to at least form a legal entity in China - or a trusted partner. If your application offers in-app purchases they need to be integrated with payment systems for bank cards, WeChat Pay, and AliPay.

Despite the challenges faced when exporting apps to the Chinese market, this is a standard process that our team is prepared to optimize for you. We provide a full range of services, from programming and design to language localization, as well as adding you to the list of the largest Chinese distributors of applications.

We also have Chinese full-stack developers and programmers at your disposal:

  • We develop iOS and Android-based apps

  • We develop WeChat apps

  • We integrate with your IT systems

In order to make our collaboration easier, we can combine our efforts with that of your development team, or provide outstaffing services in order to attract Chinese programmers to the process of developing your app.

Advantages for you: ability to understand requests of potential consumers, integration with Chinese payment systems and social networks.

Development of Mobile Applications
From $ 1,500
Localization into Chinese
Uploading to Chinese stores
Working with China Digital Marketing Agency team, you get:

Internet marketing experts in China


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