When a company enters the Chinese Internet space, it may take advantage of the high potential of China's goods and services sales market and great business development opportunities in the country. To promote its products in mainland China through the own website, the company will need to buy a Chinese domain and hosting, as well as obtain a local ICP license. Websites that are not registered in the .cn zone will not be able to fully compete with local domains due to the peculiarities of the Chinese Internet space.

How to Register a .CN Domain

To register a domain in China, you will need:

  • a filled application form to register a domain in the .cn zone;

  • your company's registration certificate to buy a legal entity domain;

  • an identity document of the applicant representing your company (this can be a passport, driving license, etc.).

Buying a hosting in China

Registration of a domain in the .cn zone alone will hardly help you in promoting your goods and services. If your hosting servers are outside of mainland China, your website loading speed will be extremely low, and – because of the Great Chinese Firewall – the domain may not be present in search results at all. Read more about choosing and buying a hosting in China here.

Obtaining an ICP license

In order to conduct business operations through your website and post information about your products and services on it, you must obtain a commercial ICP license. The availability and correctness of the license is checked by the hosting provider. Read more about obtaining an ICP license here.

Buying a domain in Chinaе

To buy a domain in the .cn or .com.cn zone directly, you can apply one of the accredited domain registrars:

  • 101domain.com;

  • alibrother.com;

  • aboss.com;

  • cscinfo.com;

  • crosscert.com;

  • gochinadomains.com;

  • dnbiz.com;

  • godaddy.com;

  • domain.cn;

  • 8hy.hk;

  • ename.com;

  • instra.com;

  • dynadot.com;

  • ipmirror.com;

  • yiyu.com;

  • lexsynergy.com;

  • epik.com;

  • markmonitor.com;

  • eranet.com;

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