Most Chinese websites have their own distinct characteristics. This applies to both Web design and how the information is perceived in general. If you’ve ever explored Chinese Web resources, you were probably taken aback by the number of links per square inch, piled-up ads, multicolored GIFs, and Flash animations. On the other hand, Western-style “minimalist” websites seem “empty” and uninformative to the average Chinese user. You can be infinitely confident in the flawlessness of your service and the end user’s need for your product, but you can't sell it to them without a high-quality “packaging”. Presentation and packaging should be adapted to cater to the Chinese visitor.

Our competences include development of landing pages, multi-page corporate websites, and online stores. We take search result algorithms into account when designing all of our Web products, but we don't forget about the most important thing: our clients work for people, not for search robots. That is why content is crucial for us: what are you selling?! How does it work?! How can you benefit from it?!

Our services include:

Page proof, programming and testing

Copywriting and content management

Naming and brand booking

Domain name in CN zone

Hosting connection in mainland China or Hong Kong

Brand concept development and signature style adaptation

Baidu tools. Optimization for indexing in search results

Legal services and consulting. ICP license registration

Your website isn’t just the public face of your brand in China, it's also a platform for communicating with your audience. Delivering content properly and regularly updating your website will inspire trust and bring in new customers. We write articles in Chinese, update news sections, add new products and services, track statistics, and develop such infrastructure as life chats and WeChat support, bots and auto-responders - everything you need to keep your website functional, thriving and alive.

If you already have a website

We will prepare localization and translation of your website into Chinese

We will connect you to the host in mainland China or Hong Kong and register the domain in the CN zone

SEO optimization to increase indexation in Baidu search results and other search engines in China

SMM tools: - community and support management - content management

Press and mass media - We write articles about your project and place them on relevant theme-based Web-resources

A comprehensive PR campaign for maximum coverage of your target audience

  • We write promotional articles

  • We publish the material on the largest Web resources in China that are relevant to your project

  • We promote your business using the basic channels of communication across Social Media

  • We create and maintain posts on popular theme-based discussion forums

  • We engage opinion leaders

Website Development in 30 Days
From $750
Localization and translation into Chinese
Search engine optimization
Integration with social media
Working with China Digital Marketing Agency team, you get:

Internet marketing experts in China


Dedicated Chinese-speaking project manager


Reliable and clear online reporting

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