Advertising in Baidu

Promotion, Setting and Conduct of Advertising Campaigns in Baidu

China is the largest Internet space with more than 1 billion Internet users. The online ads market in China today is estimated at $44B with the auto ads’ share of $15.9B. This is the second largest market after the USA where more than half of display ads are sold via programmatic advertising.

Instead of usual for us Google and Facebook which also use programmatic tools, the Chinese market is dominated by giants such as Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (BAT) whose total share exceeds 90%.

The fastest and most cost-saving way to launch contextual advertising on the Chinese Internet is the Baidu Ads advertising network, the largest Chinese search engine, an equivalent of Google blocked in China.

Despite China’s control over the Internet, Baidu Ads provides an opportunity for foreign companies to launch both search and display campaigns.

What do you need to launch a Baidu Ads campaign?

1 If you do not have a legal entity in China and an ICP license (an identifier that is assigned to your website to confirm the legitimacy of its presence in the Chinese Internet space, more details can be found here), then you have to submit the following:

Your company’s registration license (translated into Chinese)

Extract from the state register with your company's details (a screenshot translated into Chinese will be enough)

Website or promoted page in Chinese

Bank statement issued by the bank servicing your company (must be translated into Chinese)

Also, you have to make a minimum 5,000 CNY ad campaign deposit and pay a 1,000 CNY registration fee.

Company registration and obtaining access to your personal account normally takes 1 to 3 weeks.

2 If you have a legal entity in China, then you have to submit the following:

Business license

ICP license (identifier of the website or a page that you are promoting)

An about 5,000 CNY deposit and a 1,000 CNY registration fee

Registration of personal account takes 3 to 7 days, but the registration process may take longer if you offer some particular services, for example, medical services.

Baidu Personal Account Settings and Targeting Settings

Baidu personal account settings and targeting settings are identical to their Western counterparts, such as Google Ads.

Types of ad campaigns in Baidu:

1. PPC Search Campaign: you can set keywords that, if displayed in the search results, may cause an Internet user to see your ad. Baidu contextual ads take top positions in the search results, so you have more chances to be seen.

2. PPC Display Campaign: Baidu's display network includes more than 600 thousand partners whose resources can be used to place banner and native ads. Targeting settings include such parameters as age, geography, gender, time interval, topics and keywords.

The team of China Digital Marketing Agency is willing to assist in the Baidu Ads advertising network, setting up a personal account and launching your first contextual advertising in the Chinese Internet space. Tell us about your business, and we will offer the most effective tools for launching your ad campaign in Baidu Ads.

Capitalization of online advertising
market in China

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Capitalization of programmatic
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Capitalization of mobile programmatic advertising market in China

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From $1,000 / 30 days
Targeting settings
Preparation of keywords and translation into Chinese
Advertisement budget
Progress report
Working with China Digital Marketing Agency team, you get:

Internet marketing experts in China


Dedicated Chinese-speaking project manager


Reliable and clear online reporting

Baidu Promotion Cases:

  • WeChat content management, content planning and copywriting
  • WeChat targeting ads set up and launch
  • WeChat customer support
  • Registration of the official WeChat account and verification for the legal entity of the customer, design and menu settings
  • Registration of a WeChat Ads account and launch of an advertising campaign
  • WeChat content management
  • Organization and participation in the ICEE China exhibition in Guangzhou

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