The world's first platform where advertising through key opinion leaders is fully automated. The platform allows posting ads through a thousand KOLs as quickly as through a single blogger. The artificial intelligence recognizes when a blogger has completed an advertiser’s job and sends the command to make payment under a smart contract. AdHive established a new standard for native advertising, completely transforms the influence marketing business model, and meanwhile has a capability of rapid scaling to various markets.


Project adaptation to the Chinese audience


1. Wechat.WeChat

  • Registration of WeChat official subscription account
  • Writing and posting articles
  • Support service Adhive - 5 Adhive - 1 Adhive - 6 Adhive - 4 Adhive - 2

2. Website translation and localization into Chinese Adhive - 10 Adhive - 9 Adhive - 8

3. Translation and localization of White Paper (over 65 pages) into Chinese. Adhive - 11 Adhive - 7 Adhive - 3


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