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Opportunities of WeChat as a Social CRM

Every year, the number of WeChat users is growing more and more, as well as the number of companies willing to start a business with China and build effective communications with future clients through social media. WeChat is no longer just a channel for publishing corporate news, but also a full-fledged platform for communicating with consumers and receiving feedback.

WeChat is a multifunctional platform that has no equivalents in the Western web space. As we previously said, WeChat incorporates a lot of functions, from calling friends to online food ordering. WeChat can be considered a fully valid social CRM. Let’s start by defining what a social CRM is. In short, social CRM is a way of managing relationships through social media. Today, almost every company has a community in social media. Data collected from WeChat, if used wisely, allows building a more effective marketing strategy and quickly processing the incoming requests. This is a powerful tool for turning social media followers into customers, building their loyalty and increasing conversions.

Why using WeChat as a social CRM?

First, to maintain a close contact with consumers. Through social CRM, brands can inform followers on their latest news and discounts.

Second, to better understand customers. Social CRM allows brands to listen to the interests of consumers, this being the basis for building sturdy relationships with them.

Third, to track and analyze the behavior and preferences of followers. Thanks to these features, brands can competently shape their marketing strategy to increase sales and turn customers into brand advocates.

In addition, companies can improve customer engagement and increase sales by using targeted advertising in social media. For example, promotion in WeChat and the Tencent ad network is also one of the most essential channels for attracting a new audience. Tencent ad network includes many other platforms such as WeChat, QQ, Tencent Video, Tencent News, Tencent Music. Advertising on the Tencent platform is effective because Tencent collects a lot of data about users and analyzes content they view, their consumer preferences, and so on. This allows you to precisely target your target audience.

All the above-said social CRM functions can be performed by WeChat and its integrated tools like WeChat Pay or mini programs or Weidian (the latter are the WeChat-integrated programs that allow users to make a purchase without leaving the social media). Weidian is a platform for e-commerce via Wechat. The mini program, as the name suggests, is a program in WeChat that can perform all the above-said client interaction functions, as it is developed individually for each company. One of the main functions of mini programs is the sale of goods via Wechat.

On the example of the Gucci account in WeChat, we can see the last posts as well as the dialog box on the first two slides. The dialog box's welcome message shows everything you need – a link to the mini program with the latest collections, a customer support hotline, also the user can ask any question in the dialog box. The last two slides represent a mini program that allows a customer to order the latest collection's handbag right in WeChat.

We develop mini programs in WeChat

Finally, we want to note that different channels of communication with clients are suitable for each business. Write to us, and after analyzing your industry, we will find effective channels of interaction with future buyers from China.

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