Business in China

What is ICP License?

ICP license is a permission to host your website in China issued by the PRC Ministry of Industry and Information. Without this license, no one official Chinese hosting company would allow you to host your website at its servers. Usually, an ICP license number looks like “京 ICP 备 04000001 号” and is placed at the bottom of the site.

Published: 4 September 2023
Food exports to China

We should primarily note the changes in Chinese people’ consumption patterns. First, in the conditions of economic growth and increasing standards of living Chinese consumers demand on food products is growing. It reflects an increase of total calorie intake that has started after the beginning of the Reform and Openness policy.

Published: 11 March 2023
Chinese Payment Systems Alipay, WeСhat Pay, Unionpay

This article discuss the most popular payment systems used in China. Unionpay / Alipay / WeChat Pay: features, functions, advantages. Why one definitely need to take care of enabling Chinese payment systems before launching a business in China.

Published: 16 December 2022
How Not to Waste Budget for Promotion in China?

This article tells you how to prepare properly for the launch and promotion of products and brand in China and avoid wasting the ad budget on ineffective marketing tools

Published: 9 December 2022
Entering the Chinese Market with a Minimum Budget

You have a product or service potentially interesting to the Chinese market but no real cases to ensure that the project would “fly”. What do you do? You have to try.

Published: 21 November 2022